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Founded by the IT and preschool education experts, Hymon staff have dozens of years of professional experience. We provide the quality product and service via top information technology and innovation.
The company is participants of well-known open source projects. Main products are based on open framework and main flow technology. We are also keeping track of A.I. and applying to the products.
The preschool education knowledge is from top class kindergartens, education experts and the research works. We apply the information technology to improve the education and management level, to improve the working efficiency.

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Student Management

jiesong_sucaiKids check in/out system

It is so happy to send and pick up our kids everyday. Behind kids as us, Hymon provides professional check in/out product and service, provides security for our every day’s consigning. >>Read more

Website and online community

Elegant website worth your outstanding brand of preschool education. Online community connect home and kindergarten by mobile device. >>Read more

Children development level assessment

5 abilities of Health, Language, Social interaction, Science and Art. Age 2 – 7. Preschool education expert designed survey + teacher’s assessment = Child’s development report >>Read more

Online recruit management

Online applying without filling form at gate. Scanning quad-code and applying by mobile phone without handwriting. Applications exporting to Excel without retyping of forms. 24/7 applying without deadline.

Teaching management

resource1Hymon course resource

Unique course resource, inspired from the leading teacher’s requirements, realized by our innovative technology. Promoting the efficiency of preparation of lesson. >>Read more

Document management system

Centralized internal document management eliminates the tiresome handy work. Document framework management creates new document by template. Integrated with the work flow, reviewing and revision history saved. Keywords setting for documents, generates document list for annual assessment.

General affairs management

assessInventory Management APP

Deal with lots of food inbound and outbound everyday. Automatically Generate the stat report. Staff apply the material by mobile phone, manager approve at anytime and anywhere. Housekeeper manage the inventory with more standardized, convenient, and efficient.



Particularly suited to small factory, logistics and trading company. It has sales, AR, purchase, AP, inventory, general ledger, asset, customer, supplier and item function. Entirely web-based, the operation likes the accessing of website. It is easy to generate the report for every loop, and easy to modify for new requirements. System core is a mature accounting system. The accounting system adapt to Chinese convention and standart.

ERPAccounting system

Online cloud management system with no installation. No time and location restriction for management of your works. The accounting software simplified the operation, such as automatically posting GL transactions, freely modify or delete GL transactions and batch print GL transactions.

Video meeting & broadcasting

Video meeting

2-4 endpoints video meeting based on web browser. No client software setting up, no Flash, on IM friend and group required. Open the browser and held meeting immediatly. It supports PC, tablet, mobile phone to participant. For the large to middle scope video conference, we have a solution based on the cloud server cluster. It has client software and App for PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Video broadcasting
Based on the world famous video broadcast software OBS, we have the priviledged interactive system as a plus. Utilized the cloud distributing system, and the most compatible watching method, we will have the creative video broadcasting mode.