Problems of send and pickup kids:

  1. Most of sending and pickup are performed by grand parents. Other people on behalf of parents to send and pickup often happens. Parents may worry about the safety.
  2. There is peak time for sending and pickup. When the gate opened, many people crowd in. There are hidden security and safety problems. Fall down is easy to happen with crowd.
  3. Teacher check parents and kids. Mistake may happens by manual operation. Will kids be fake pickup?

Solution via check in/out system:

  1. Every child get an unique door card. Master and slave card can be issued for different parent to send and pickup.
  2. On sending and pickup child, swiping the card is must. This is the first security barrier.
  3. When swiped the card, a short message of attendance or leave will be sent to parents’ mobile phone, or show on child’s homepage. When grand parents send and pickup child, young parents will be at ease.
  4. For different grade, setup different swipe time to avoid crowd.
  5. Teacher check the kids and pickup adults. This is the second security barrier.

Check in/out system can also help us:

  1. Report every day’s attendance. Report monthly attendance. It is eaiser to prepare food, and to calculate the food fees. For the absence kids, it is eaiser to call parents for safety.
  2. Faculty swipe card to check in/out. Machine automatically check attendance. The powerful work time schedule function is ready. To solve the complex schedule requirement of kindergarten.


Door card

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Feature Comparison

Normal check in/out system Hymon check in/out system
Basic check in/out feature Yes Yes
Extend: Voice, SMS, Camera, Door security, Mobile swipe device Yes Yes
Swipe device-PC dual connection via ether net and USB storage No Yes
Independent Swipe device working, not rely on PC and network No Yes
China mobile platform to send SMS Partial yes Yes
Swipe device connect to kindergarten website No Yes
Powerful faculty attendance system Partial yes Yes
New feature customize or R&D No Yes