After a semester study, what kids learned? What is the growing up? Parents are most interested. Let us give an assessment to kids.

Kindergarten needs the assessment to learn the suitability and effectiveness of education, in order to adjust the study method, to promote every child development and to improve the education quality. 

Disadvantage of traditional assessment method is: Test replace assessment, emphasis on result v.s. procedure, reviewers is single – only teachers, assess standard is sole, not reflect individual differences, and neglect the psychological aspects, social, life skills of child etc.

According to ‘Kindergarten Education Guidance Program’, the new assessment method:

  • Assessment content is comprehensive
  • Assessment standard is differentiation
  • Assessment procedure is dynamic
  • Assessment scene is reality
  • Assessment method is multivariate
  • Assessment reviewer is multidimensional

Assessment system has 5 subjects: Health, Language,  Art, Science, Social interactive. From age 2 to 7, half a year divides to a section, the age span has 8 sections at all. Assessment standard is selected by the real age. The assess method and tools is selected flexible. And the grade is defined scientifically. Assess result can be used to make the education schedule for next semester. To maximize advantage and to minimize weakness. And can be used to individual education. 

The system operation is very simple. It can be operated on either mobile phone or PC.  User interface like this:


Hymon assessment system features:

  • Mobile phone operation, very easy to use. Assess at any where and any time. Save results on any time.
  • Load corresponding questions by child age.
  • Automatically generate statistic report. Like Histogram or Polygon.
  • Can generate any merged reports. Generate grade reports and whole kindergarten reports.
  • Intelligent analysis. Based on data and statistics, export to text report. Can replace the tiresome manual analysis and text input.
  • Assess result can be published to personal homepage in batch. Kids parents will view the growing up.
  • Self defined function. Add and modify survey question by self. The kindergarten may have it’s own intellectual property.